Sunday, June 10, 2012

Electrode Plates Comparison

I would like to share this very important information to all of you... 

Last week, we installed an Enagic SD501 Water unit to my Ninang. She previously purchased a competitor brand from Korea which we will call Brand "L" (for PhP70K!) and has been using this unit since October of last year, she decided to own an SD501 unit (a very good decision!) to replace Brand "L" as she and her family has not experienced any improvement in their health for the past 9 months of using Brand "L".

When we removed Brand "L," we noticed that they have not changed the pre-filters and built-in filters since the unit was installed! The filters were really dirty and full of sediments (rust, debris, etc.), according to my Ninang, the company who sold them the machine did not do any follow-ups or maintenance regarding change of filters. Moreover, there was no E-cleaning procedure to make sure that the Electrode Plates are maintained clean.

Anyway, we opened up Brand "L" and took out the Electrode plates... lo and behold! We were stunned to see that the plates resembled the local Brand "I" which I posted in my previous emails. The material of the plates for Brand "L" and Brand "I" are similar, grayish in color, rough and does not look anything like a Platinum-coated, Titanium Electrode plate which Enagic possess. This proves that competitors source their machines from a single factory in Korea and the only thing that differentiates them is the outer shell or covering.

Would you risk your health by drinking the water that has passed thru these kinds of Electrode Plates that may even be toxic? I would rather drink bottled water than drink the water that has passed through the competitors' plates!

I took a picture of the plates (see attached Pic 1) side by side with Brand "I" and Enagic's. Another picture I took (see attached Pic 2) that convincingly shows us that Enagic's plates are made of the finest materials (Titanium and Platinum). Don't you think these pictures say a thousand words? You don't need to be a genius to know which one is the best, one look is enough for anybody to decide what to choose, right?

You can really see the difference, you really get what you pay for!
So don't compromise you and your family's health, choose only Enagic!

You may not know it, but you might just save someone's life if you share to them about this Healing Water!

Pic 1
Pic 2

Change Your Water... Change Your Life!!!

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