Wednesday, June 13, 2012

American Anti-Cancer Institute Recommends Alkaline, Ionized Water

Did you know that the American Anti-Cancer Institute (AACI) recommends Alkaline Ionized Water (AIW) as the NUMBER ONE natural product for cancer prevention and cure? You can look it up in their website:

The director of AACI, Robert G. Wright, has written a very informative book entitled: "Killing Cancer, Not People." I recommend everyone to read this book whether you have cancer or not as it has a lot of valuable information that can help us prevent this dreaded disease that is causing a lot of pain and hardships to many of our friends and loved ones.

In Chapter 6 of this book, he wrote how Alkaline, Ionized Water works and benefits our bodies and hydrates our cells so effectively. If you want to have a copy of this book, please get in touch with me at my email: 

At the last part of Chapter 6 he wrote and I quote: "If I were looking for an electrolysis unit today, I would choose the SD501 made by the Enagic Company. The fact is that I only want to buy one ionizer, I want it to be durable, and to always produce the high alkaline, negative ORP, low microclustered water that my body really “thirsts” for. For all of my requirements, including the 2.5 acid water feature and the 11.5 super alkaline water capability, only Enagic fit the bill."

Further he stated: "I have no financial interest in the Enagic Company nor do I receive any remuneration for my recommendations."

So what are you waiting for? Try this Healing Water today and start experiencing real hydration that our bodies (and cells) thirst for! 

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