Friday, August 31, 2012

More Comparison --Enagic vs. Competition

Over the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to open up competitor ionizer units (mostly Korean-made) and see their Electrode plates. I posted again previous pics which I took of Brand "I" and Brand "L" side by side with our Enagic plate. You can also refer to my previous blog at:

As you can see, both Electrolysis Chambers were sealed and we had to pry open to see the inside. How come these competitors seal their chambers? I think they don't want anyone to see their plates! Because both have inferior plates and look burnt. Electrode plates without adequate Platinum coating will degrade and get burned due to the electrolysis process. This will result to gray or sometimes black color of the plates. Brand "J" is also sold in the U.S. and think twice before you plan to purchase Ionizer units like this.

Only Enagic uses Medical Grade Titanium and double-dipped in Medical Grade Platinum... that is why Enagic units will last at least 20 years, compared to competitors which only last like a maximum of 1 year!

Why compromise your family's health? If you want to drink Alkaline, Ionized Water... you should give your body the best! Drink Enagic Kangen Water!!!

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Brand "I" plate vs. Enagic plate

Comparison of Brand "L" and Brand "I" plates vs. Enagic plates

Brand "L" and Brand "I" plates with actual units

Enagic Plates says it all

Brand "J" plates with actual unit

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