Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Would You Dare Drink from this Machine?

I met up with a friend who previously bought a PurePro water ionizer. According to him, he purchased it because the claims were the same as Enagic Kangen Water and it was a lot cheaper! But he was not happy with the product as after about a month of using the machine, when he tested for the pH and ORP levels, it was just like the water coming out from the faucet!

I asked him to open the PurePro Ionizer so we dismantle it and dissected it to see the electrode plates inside. I was not surprised at all with what we saw. Please see the pictures below:

PP ionizer opened up

PP ionizer plates - imagine your drinking water passing through these plates (READ: METAL TOXICITY)

The company that markets this also says that their product is safe for babies. 
Would you give the water coming out of this machine to your baby?

            This is the REAL Medical Grade (99.97% purity) Titanium Platinum Plates of Enagic with 
                               ISO Certification 13485 certifying Enagic as a Medical Device.


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